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It is a sign of strength and courage to ask for support. Life is full of unpredictable twists and turns and having some encouragement along the way can be very helpful. I enjoy working with all ages, cultures and those experiencing a wide range of challenges. My specialties are in working with children and adults who are or may think they are on the autism spectrum. I also specialize in working with couples and families and am a facilitator of premarital and marital assessments through I also work with children/teens/college-aged, ADHD, stress, life balance, depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, life changes, domestic violence, small business owners (current or future), first responders and those wishing to improve their self-esteem and self-awareness. I encourage you to call or email today if you are ready for a brighter future. I would be happy to help you as I have helped many others find their balance over the past 18 years. If you bring your courage, I will bring my flashlight to light the way. I invite you to think about where you want to go!

Mental Health Emergency: Please dial "988" (open 24/7, nationwide, no-cost) or go to your nearest Emergency Room (ER) Telehealth Video Sessions: Via "" HIPAA-compliant website **Accepting new clients** (June 2024) Clients can typically receive an appointment in 1-5 days, occasionally same-day appointments are available Self-Pay rates: 1/4 session fee for 15 minutes, 1/2 session fee for 30 minutes, 3/4 session fee for 45 minutes, full fee for 60 minutes You can attend 1-4x a month  


I really appreciate our sessions together, and thanks again for everything. (June 2024, Client since May 2024)

Thank you so much for all your help these past months! I hope to contact you in the future! (May 2024, Client since Dec 2023)

Thank you! I appreciate all the help you've been! (Feb 2024, Client since Nov 2021)

I really appreciate you listening and being willing to help. (Feb 2024, Client since Jan 2024)

I’ll continue to look over the links you have sent thus far and keep doing what I can to better myself. Thank you for your help. (Feb. 2024, Client since Sept. 2023)

Thank you very much! I appreciate you looking into all this with me and for all the support! (Feb. 2024, Client since Nov. 2023)

It was so good to be able to reflect on those verses and the emails you sent, you've been more helpful than I can express and I'm so thankful. (Dec 2023, Client since Nov 2023)

I truly appreciate the time you gave me last week...Thank you again for your time and for the good work that you do! (Dec 8, 2023, Client since Dec 2023)

Thank you for all your help. I appreciate you so very much! (Client's Mother) (Nov 28, 2023, Client since Nov 2023)

I am very grateful for the help that you have given me and will continue using the materials you provided. (Oct 20, 2023, Client since Jan 2023)

I want to thank you for all the work you’ve done with me over the past few months. It has been really beneficial to me... I feel that I’m making good progress on resolving my initial issues, and you’ve given me really good groundwork with which to continue improving myself; I’m very grateful for all your help and suggestions. I appreciate you. (March 10, 2023, Client since Oct 2022)

I am doing really well... You have been a tremendous help and if needed, I will contact you again (June 22, 2022, Client since Feb 2022)

Excellent care - We have been seeing Jennifer for about 6 months for my elementary age son. She is kind, caring, easy to talk to and very conscientious. My middle school age daughter was seeing another therapist and disliked them. We brought her to Jennifer and it is no longer a fight and tears, she doesn't mind going now. Jennifer uses games and play to interact with the kids and get them talking about the real things that are bothering them. We are very glad we found such a good therapist right here in Dalton (Oct 25, 2021, Client since April 2021)

Great listener without judging you! To be my first time! It was a great experience! Jennifer is a great listener and make you feel secure to talk to her! We are still working together until i get heal! (Aug 17, 2021, Client since Aug 2021)

Genuinely Happy - I do want to thank you for helping me change the direction of my life. I think about my mental state...when we first met, and I hardly recognize myself now (but in the best way)...mostly I am just genuinely happy. Thank you for your guidance and advice, I don’t know where I would be without it. (Apr 27, 2021, Client since Oct 2019)

Great Experience - 1st session was yesterday. We set goals for handling a few different things and went over triggers for certain thing. It helped bring balance and organization to my current mindset and I hope to become a more self-disciplined person everyday. Very Thankful so far! (Apr 30, 2020, Client since Apr 2020)

i love jennifer - jennifer is awesome! she is so nice and welcoming. she makes you feel comfortable no matter what. i totally recommend her to anyone needing therapy, or just wanna give it a shot. (Apr 22, 2021, Client since Feb 2021)

Life Balance Counceling has been a great help to me over the last few months. I'm learning the importance of self-care. (Mar 13, 2021, Client since Oct 2020)

Value her insight - I value her insight and perspective concerning my issues. I've become more effective in my relationships both professionally and personally as a result. (Jan 7, 2021, Client since Oct 2019)

First time in counseling - Jennifer made me feel very comfortable with my first experience with counseling. I know she was the right choice. Gave suggestions to help with handling stress that has built up for years. I highly recommend Life Balance Counseling. (Nov 5, 2020, Client since Oct 2020)

Jennifer was very welcoming to my daughter and I. She was organized, supportive, and her communication was age appropriate. She offered good suggestions that were achievable. (Oct 12, 2020, Client since Oct 2020)

Thankful - It was refreshing to have someone I could talk with and not feel judged. Looking forward to my next visit! (Aug 27, 2020, Client since Aug 2020)

Truly down to earth and nothing but helpful and insightful She’s such an honest and caring person, honestly there to help you and for someone like me I need the understanding more than a “yes” or “mhmm” and she is amazing ! (Jul 18, 2020, Client since May 2020)

I have been seeing Jennifer for six months and she has been a tremendous help as I have gained control over my general anxiety and processed past trauma that I did not even realize I had. She is kind, patient, and does not shy away from encouraging you to step back and take an unfiltered look at the way you view yourself. (Mar 29, 2020, Client since Oct 2019)

Thanks for believing in me... (March 3, 2020, Client since Oct 2019 )

This woman is amazing - comfortable atmosphere easy to talk to just an amazing woman I'm so glad I went to see her thank you (Mar 2, 2020, Client since Feb 2020)

Exceptional therapist with awesome weekend hours of availability I have been a patient... for close to two years. I have recieved intermittent therapy over the years from an assortment of therapists but never in a million years had I previously had the opportunity to work with someone as knowledgable and effective as Jennifer... She has (and continues to) provide superior therapy that not only has helped to heal lifelong wounds but provide me with insight and tools to personal success I could have never previously imagined.Awesome weekend hours too (Jan 23, 2017, Client since Aug 2015)

Very pleased excellent!!! She has definitely made a difference in the lives of both of my children. I'm so glad, that they feel comfortable opening up to her. I'm really fortunate, that we found her! (Jun 14, 2016, Client since Apr 2016)                 

I am enjoying the sessions. We've been meeting for six months. Life is good. This Journey is good. Thank you. (Jun 13, 2016, Client since Jan 2016)

I have had several sessions with Jen..., and I am pleased with the direction, guidance, feel of the sessions. Thank you Jen. (Mar 8, 2016, Client since Jan 2016)

Consistently great counseling - I started bringing my daughter a couple of months back and liked her so much I am using her for myself as well as for couples therapy. Jennifer is straight to the point which I really appreciate, it's rare in therapists these days. I would recommend her to anyone. (Jan 4, 2016, Client since Dec 2015)

Great first visit - I have only taken my daughter to one session so far and Jennifer was very observant and dove right into issues that needed to be addressed. We got more out of our first visit than we have with other counselors over the course of several months. (Dec 3, 2015, Client since Nov 2015)

Kind Care - I have been seeing Mrs. Jennifer for some time now. I can honestly say that she has really been a tremendous help to me through my life's journey. She always takes the time to listen fully while offering not only her professional guidance, but the guidance of other professionals through suggested Article and Book Reads that pertain to my Wellness at hand. With that said, I feel She has helped me come a long way and I feel genuine in the progress I continue to make...... (Sep 13, 2015, Client since Dec 2013)

Genuinely Cares - I first started visiting [Jennifer] when I was 13 years old due to my parent's divorce. My sister and I both attended sessions alone, as well as family sessions with our parents. At 19, this past May I found myself going through another rough time in life, and I've been visiting her for the past three months again. Its nice to speak with someone who knows my past and was able to use it to better help me as an adult. On most days it felt more like visiting a friend, and I enjoyed every session. (Jul 26, 2015, Client since May 2015)

So glad Jennifer is here for me - I have been working with Jennifer for over 4 years now. It has been tough work but she has helped me during some pretty tough changes in my life. She suggested great reading materials, websites and introspection to continue my therapy during my “regular” life which is anything but regular. Jennifer has helped me learn about my “regular” life and because of this I am a stronger person. (Jul 14, 2015, Client since May 2012)

Amazing Counselor - I have been seeing Jen for about a year and a half. She has helped me through some traumatic times and happy times. She helped me focus on what is truly important and how to effectively organize my life. She has helped me with my anxiety and stress issues which have greatly impacted my home and work life for the better. I highly recommend seeing her for any counseling needs. (Jul 6, 2015, Client since Dec 2013)

Great at what she does - I've been here quite a few times and every time I feel a sense of accomplishment....not just coming and leaving feeling no different but leaving with some resolution. I would recommend Jennifer to anybody. (Mar 16, 2015, Client since Mar 2013)

Comfortable experience - I've only seen Jennifer... once so far, and being a very Nervous person I was very apprehensive about the session. After 5 minutes I realized I can really open up to her, and she lets me talk, and I did not sense any judgement, and she wasn't condescending, which I'm a very sensitive person so I feel that I am perceptive to these things. Like I said I have only had one session, but I am looking forward to my next visit, which for me is not the norm. (Feb 23, 2015, Client since Feb 2015)

Very insightful... Jennifer very insightful. She listens and pays attention to what you say. She is a very insightful woman that gives constructive advice. I have only been to her twice but so far I am extremely happy to have her in my corner. (Nov 23, 2014, Client since Nov 2014)

Fantastic - I've seen Jennifer... 3 times now. She is attentive and thorough. She has a great way of making me feel comfortable and safe discussing very difficult issues. I recommend her to anyone who needs help working through family issues. (Oct 27, 2014, Client since Aug 2014)

Great Experience - I've been to a couple of different therapists and no one was more insightful and helpful as Jennifer... She listens intently, asks incredible questions, and is extremely relatable. I feel like I've grown more in one session than I've ever had before. I definitely recommend her if you need to get clarification on issues in your marriage and life in general. (Aug 11, 2014, Client since Aug 2014)

Gifted Counsellor! We have worked for years on getting some reoccurring issues in our marriage dealt with, and had some, but not enough guidance to see us through them completely. Jennifer is amazingly skilled at seeing the core of the issue and getting each individual to deal with their part. Very easy to be around, and discuss/talk through situations with. Definitely recommend if you are looking to get past a hurdle that is holding you back from living your life as big and full as it has the potential to be! (May 21, 2014, Client since Sep 2013)

Excellent Session! Recently, I visited Life Balance Counseling and almost immediately after we walked out, we felt a sense of relief. She was excellent! Thank you Jennifer! (Apr 27, 2014, Client since Apr 2014)

Feeling Empowered - Jennifer gave me the tools and confidence to transform my life. Our sessions left me feeling empowered, and after each appointment, I noticed myself navigating previously stressful situations with more ease and success than ever before. Having an understanding of the challenges I face and the methods for overcoming those challenges has been invaluable. I highly recommend her. (Aug 13, 2013, Client since Aug 2013)

I have attended 12 sessions and the experience has been very rewarding thus far. I look forward to attending more sessions with my therapist! (Aug 7, 2013, Client since Dec 2012)

Gave me the tools I need... Jennifer has made such a difference in how I approach my life... Jennifer not only discussed my concerns, hopes and disappointments, she also gave me the tools I need to continue this new self-awareness. As we talked, these layers of my life were revealed with Jennifer always showing care and compassion, never being critical or placing blame. I have learned how to balance work, family and friends and not take anything for granted. I am now so incredibly happy and truly enjoy my life... (Apr 17, 2013, Client since Apr 2013)

First Counseling Session - I really enjoyed my first session with my therapist! I didn't know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised that we covered alot of emotional ground even for a first session. I look forward to additional sessions!!! (Jan 9, 2013, Client since Dec 2012)

Caring and supportive counselor Jennifer ... has been great for our son. He feels comfortable talking to her and she has been great at taking about what he needs to talk about. I highly recommend her. (Dec 16, 2012, Client since Sep 2012)

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