Simple but Effective Coping Skills

Take deep breaths!

Listen to music

Take a walk

Watch a movie or funny cat video

Play a board or card game

Write down what you are thankful for

Pet or adopt an animal

Take a hot bath

Go swimming or take a bike ride

Create some art (coloring books count)

Read a book or article

Write down a few of your positive qualities

Find humor in every-day moments

Make quality time for those that matter most to you

Follow a new recipe

Make a new friend

Call, visit or write friends or family

Be patient and non-critical of yourself (and others)

Dream about the future / Create a path-to-happiness plan

Learn lessons from the experiences of yourself and others

Face your fears / obstacles / challenges

Look up! (Find faith, humility, hope and strength)

Do something kind for someone else (and continue this regularly)

Take or teach a community class on anything

Write or type into a journal


Play or watch sports

Watch a cartoon or movie you liked as a child

Think over various solutions

Sing your favorite song

Send a thank you note

Find a new hobby (and stick with it)

Do home and yard improvements

Share your thoughts and feelings

Volunteer your time or talents (, Church, PTSA, Humane Society, etc)

Set boundaries where needed

Ask for that raise

Take a scenic drive

Plan a get-together

Find your purpose

Go to Church (or go back to Church)

Travel somewhere new

Put order and organization where needed in your life

Listen to good advice from others 

Read the Bible

Forgive yourself or someone else

Make a list of your stressors on the left side of the page and what you are doing about each one on the right side of the page


Remind yourself you have been through tough times before and survived!

Remind yourself you are stronger than you think you are!

Do not be afraid to ask for help; it takes courage but signifies your strength

Believe that your best days are ahead (because they are)!

Call 988 if you are in crisis and/or think about what to discuss at your next session

When you are overwhelmed in the moment, it's hard to remember what activities could help you relax. I would be happy to help you or your family find balance and peace. Feel free to reach out for an appointment today.